The effort-to-reward ratio for intramural sports is woefully off and will always be this way. There’s never anything more valuable than a free T-shirt on the line, and yet every game is filled with econ majors who take things far too seriously. In a recent intramural hoops game, one player managed to get under the skin of Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence, and he earned a shove to the floor.

Was it unnecessary for the guy in the pinnie to set a pick on Lawrence? Sure. It was also unnecessary for Lawrence to go with the full-court press, and even dumber for him to shove the sap twice:

Lawrence commented on the video to say that pinnie guy was talking a lot of shit, but the QB later deleted it:


Just relax, man. Do your time at Clemson, then get out of there. As for you, pinnie guy: Take it down a few notches.