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Cleveland And Michael Martinez Continue Codependency

Photo Credit: Elsa/Getty 

Exciting hot stove news: Cleveland has signed Michael Martinez to a minor-league contract. Again. This will be his sixth stint with the team. (Fittingly enough, Martinez also has six career home runs.) All those moves in one handy place for those scoring at home, as compiled by’s Jordan Bastian:


There was a time—this summer—when I described this relationship as a manifestation of true love. Now, I am older and wiser, and I see that this is not quite true. Is there really true love in reuniting with a 35-year-old with a career .194/.243/.261 line, a utility player with precious little usefulness? Or is that something darker, unhealthier, more twisted? When does dedication become obsession or unforgiving obligation? (For either side!) I couldn’t help but wonder: Isn’t the greatest love the one who stays with you, rather than the one who keeps calling you back after letting you go?

Makes you think.

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