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Cleveland Scene has a well-reported feature out today that attempts to dig into what role Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert's company, Quicken Loans, played in the subprime mortgage collapse of 2007. There's a lot of good stuff in the story, but one particular instance of Dan Gilbert being a thin-skinned weenie caught our eye.

Back in September, Cleveland Plain Dealer sports columnist Bill Livingston talked some shit about Gilbert on Tony Kornheiser's radio show. Livingston said on air that Gilbert is known for sending angry notes to writers and reporters who are critical of him. Livingston added that these are often sent late at night, the implication being that Gilbert spouts off at his critics while drunk.


Cleveland Scene talked to three media sources who said they have had interactions like the one Livingston described with Gilbert, but that didn't stop the Plain Dealer from forcing Livingston to write an apology letter to Gilbert, at Gilbert's request:

The billionaire can unleash torrents of spite when reporters question his decisions, and this time he went straight to Livingston's bosses at the Plain Dealer with his complaints. They, in turn, would tell Livingston to write a letter of apology to Gilbert, a sanctioned snipping of one of the few who dare call Gilbert to the carpet.

Dan Gilbert: sensitive penis.

[Cleveland Scene]


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