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Cleveland, You Have A Lot Of 'Splainin' To Do

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What they're saying in parents' basements everywhere about Boston's 11-2 win over Cleveland in the deciding game of the American League Championship Series ...

With All Due Respect to Ryan Garko, Champagne Tastes Much Sweeter At Home. Of all the things I'll miss about the ALCS broadcast, one has got to be the frequent shots of Indians GM Mark Shapiro and his apparently Paxil-addicted trophy wife (pictured above). Every time the cameras caught these two, they were frozen in the exact same poses — Shapiro furrowing his brow and reflecting on how he's gonna explain this latest collapse, and the missus looking glassy-eyed at nothing in particular, her thoughts likely shifting between, "If we lose, will we have to sell the hovercraft?" and "Man, do I like vanilla." [Surviving Grady]

The End. 162 regular season games. 11 playoff games. Approximately 550 hours of baseball. All changed by five minutes in time. Facing the 12-year-old Jacoby Ellsbury, Senor Slo-Mo induced a grounder to Blake, who booted it, allowing the "tweenie" to lead off the inning standing on second. After Julio Lugo sacrificed Ellsbury to third, Dustin Pedroia (all 130 pounds of him) stepped to the plate and, with one swing, ended the Indians' season. Plenty of time (that's all we have now) to discuss the fantastic ride that the 2007 Cleveland Indians took us on and what lies ahead for this young, talented team of players. [The Diatribe]


Rox And Sox 2007 World Series, It's On. Wonder how smart Tito looks to the guys that hacked him in Philly now? 3 post seasons, 2 world series appearances in 4 years here. Nice to know he gets that last laugh. Starting Wednesday it's on. [38 Pitches]

The Tag Or Joel Skinner? (Message Board) what the F**K is it with us??? Why can't we ever, ever, ever, EVER just WIN???? [The Disappointment Zone]

Don't Wake Me. For the record, I was wearing my "JD" Red Sox t-shirt, along with a pair of cheap-o Red Sox earrings...all while watching the game next to my Jacoby Ellsbury bobblehead doll and sipping from the same bottle of Caberknuckle — for all of the last three games. Hey, it worked! [Red Sox Chick]

There's Only One Choke-tober. Nothing save memories of The Skinner, the newest image to add to the Cleveland Sports Misery Pantheon. That's in honor of third-base coach Joel Skinner, who held Kenny Lofton at third base when Franklin Gutierrez roped a ball down the third base line that banged off the facing of the stands and landed 30 feet in front of Manny Ramirez. As Lofton rounded third and headed for home, Skinner threw a stop sign up in front of the fastest man in Indians history and prevented him from scoring the tying run in the seventh inning. Next man up, Casey Blake, immediately banged into a double play. Ball game over. Series over. [God Hates Cleveland Sports]


How's That Champagne Tasting, Donnie Garko? White hankies aside, you know what Cleveland's real problem is? Too many ridiculous beards, that's what. I hope the Rockies fans have enjoyed that streak, because it's gonna be a memory come Wednesday night. [The Soxaholix]

Shit. This sucks. This really really sucks. After I attended game 4 at the Jake, I was flying about as high as I'd ever been. Now I am in despair. I feel for those guys in the clubhouse. They gave it everything they had. Seeing Victor cry in the dugout after the game just reinforced my feelings for this team. To want something so bad, for so long, then to come up just shy, is nothing short of crushing. Even in defeat, I still love these guys. Every one of them. [The Cleveland Sports Animal]


Seuss Series. Rocks. Sox. The Rocks play the Sox. Rocks. Sox. Fox. The Rocks and Sox are seen on Fox. Wall. Ball. A ball will hit the wall. Hawpe. Papi. Everybody Hawpe on Papi! [Baseball Musings]

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