It's testament to Cliff Paul's character that he hasn't managed to get a big head about all the attention he's received recently โ€” you know, despite thousands of fans literally waving around super-sized cutouts of his head on a nightly basis.

Cliff, as readers have learned in recent months, is Chris Paul's previously-unknown-to-him twin brother, who has charmed legions into adopting his snappy sweater vests, and mustache-y good looks. Scroll on down through the gallery below to get a glimpse of Cliff's adoring public.

What's his secret for success? Must be all the help he's received from State Farm.

Images courtesy of @adashroc and State Farm.


Image courtesy of @MikiWar.

Image courtesy of @TheBKnowsThat.


Images courtesy of @JaeBreezy01 and @Captain_Webb.