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Clinton Portis' Illogical Soapbox

You know we love Clinton Portis, right? Our enjoyment of his play and his antics, we believe, is unquestioned.

OK, so we've watched his press conference about his separated shoulder a couple of times now, and we're still not sure we understand his point. He says that there should be fewer preseason games, say, two, rather than four. But this is a guy who was hurt on the very first series of the very first preseason game; doesn't it benefit him for the preseason to be longer? Wouldn't it ideally be eight games for him? He'd certainly be back in time for the opener by then.


If his point is that the preseason is too long, well, if the preseason were just one game, he would have gotten hurt; it was the first game. If he's just using this injury as a soapbox for fewer preseason games, he can probably hold his breath: They'll always play them, because they're full-price tickets for quarter-price entertainment and effort. That's a hard deal to turn down.

Sorry, Clinton: You know we love you. But sometimes we love what we do not understand. And we do not understand.

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