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Clippers Let Nate Robinson Go, Doc Rivers Still Throwing Poop At Walls

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Point guard Nate Robinson's tenure as a Los Angeles Clipper is coming to an end, according to Yahoo's Marc Spears.


Robinson spent the last 20 days reunited with his former Celtics coach Doc Rivers, playing on two 10-day contracts. Faced with a decision to sign Robinson for the rest of the season and the playoffs or let him go, Rivers chose the latter.

As a Robinson replacement, the Clips signed former Chinese Basketball Association MVP Lester Hudson, who last played in the NBA three years ago.

Robinson's release, though not monumental, is the latest reminder of how terrible Rivers has been as a general manager. The Clips have one of the best starting lineups in the league, but after Jamal Crawford, L.A. has been relying on the likes of Austin Rivers, Hedo Turkoglu, Spencer Hawes and Glen Davis from the bench.

This is a poop bench! Austin is only on the team because he's the coach's son. Davis looks more big than baby. And Turkoglu always plays like he just smoked a pack of cigarettes. Rivers' GM-style has been part nepotism, part "that guy played well against me last decade" and part "I know this guy."

Of course, when you have Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan playing major minutes, you can have a great NBA team. But if the Clippers fail to make a conference final yet again—or can't afford Jordan in the summer because they need more NBA players on the roster—remember that Rivers has consistently thrown hot doodoo at his bench and prayed it would stick.

One of these days, someone is going to have to clean that shit up.

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