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Illustration for article titled Clippers Quickly Realize That Maybe Ayn Rand Isnt The Best Example To Use In Their Dating App Partnership

At some point today, the question of how to celebrate International Women’s Day on social media was considered by the Clippers. The answer, somehow, was to play up the team’s new partnership with a dating app and use the trio of Ayn Rand, Maya Angelou, and Anne Frank to do so.

About an hour and a half after sending out the tweet pictured above, the team’s account deleted it. But we’ll always know—deep in our hearts—that if Anne Frank had not been killed in a concentration camp in 1945, she would have been taking advantage of every break in the Clippers’ action to chat up some new guys on Bumble. Alongside Ayn Rand, who would’ve rejoiced in the whole free dating market thing that’s going on here.


Happy International Women’s Day.

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