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Coach K Talks U.S. Foreign Policy With Dumb Basketball Metaphors

Mick Krizilonski was a guest speaker at the Association of the U.S. Army conference last month, and he seized on the opportunity to bemoan President Barack Obama's decision to rule out using ground troops to combat ISIS. He did this in the most annoying and Dook-ish way imaginable.

Here's some of what ol' Mick had to say, via The Daily Beast:

I know it's upsetting to many of you when you hear 'no boots on the ground.' It upsets me too, because that's like saying, "I'm not going to play two of my best players."


It's about letting your opponent know we are going to use our best players. And whether we use them or not, that's up to the coach. You never tell your opponent you are not going to use, like I'm not going to play Grant Hill, J.J. Redick, Laettner. Hey Spain, I'm not going to start LeBron and Kobe tonight.' I don't think you do that. Now how much I play them? Let the guy try to figure out how much I'm going to play them.


This all makes perfect sense, so long as you accept the fact that waging war against an amorphous terrorist organization is just like coaching a basketball game. All we need to do in order to defeat ISIS is make them afraid that we might send in troops who will get down and scrap with 'em, the same way a one might trap a pick-and-roll. Just full-court press these goons out of existence!

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