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Coach, Parents Brawl At Junior High Football Practice

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It's your typical coach-hits-kid, kid's-father-calls-police, parents-start-throwing-punches story. And it's all thanks to one young RB running the wrong way during handoff drills.


Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning to be sociopaths? In Georgia, anyway. Jose Sandoval's 12-year-old son took a handoff and "ran the wrong way," which might mean he cut inside instead of rolling out, but we choose to believe he took off toward the wrong end zone.

According to Sandoval, the assistant coach "shoved a football into his son's stomach and cursed at the boy. Sandoval said Mowery then hit his son in the back of the head with the football, knocking him down."

Sandoval called police to report an assault, which is actually a measured response compared to the usual tactic of attacking the coach.

While officers were interviewing Sandoval, a man identified as Chris Stubblefield came out of the crowd shouting at Sandoval, "stating it was wrong for Mr. Sandoval to charge the field, going after the coach," the incident report states.

Sandoval yelled obscenities at Stubblefield, who took a swing at him, the report said. Pushing and shoving ensued.

Then Sandoval's 24-year-old son hit Stubblefield from behind and ran away, according to the report.

No charges were filed, though Sandoval, possibly considering legal action, claims his son suffered a concussion. But if your helmet-wearing son was concussed by being smacked with a football, you've got more troubles than a lawsuit, because he's probably Mr. Glass from Unbreakable.

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