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Colbert: It's High Time The Government Stays Out Of Our Sweatpants

If you think you've considered all angles of the Plaxico Burress story, think again. Stephen Colbert provides food for thought in this segment from Tuesday's Colbert Report, in which he asks the perfectly reasonable question, why should a consensual act between a man and his semiautomatic Glock handgun be considered a crime? Video below.

"Something happened this past weekend that made me understand just what gay couples are going through. Plaxico Burress, just a simple, everyday millionaire receiver for the New York Giants, was taken into custody. Why? Simply because on Friday evening he attended a nightclub with his partner, an unlicensed, loaded semiautomatic Glock he had tucked into the the waistband of his sweatpants."


If you live in Georgia, let me know how the mountain lion situation is going.

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