The Colbert Report Bits, Ranked

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1. Difference Makers

2. Better Know a District/Lobby

3. The Enemy Within

4. Threatdown

5. Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger

6. Colbert Platinum

7. The Word

8. The Blitzkrieg on Grinchitude

9. Esteban Colberto

10. Bears & Balls

11. Smokin' Pole: The Fight for Arctic Riches

12. The People/Movies That Are Destroying America

13. Thought for Food

14. Cheating Death With Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA

15. Alpha Dog of the Week

16. Sam Waterston Says Things You Should Never Believe in a Trustworthy Manner

17. Monkey on the Lam

18. Un-American News

19. Stephen's Sound Advice

20. Sport Report

21. Who's Not Honoring Me Now?

22. Who's Honoring Me Now?

23. Yahweh or No Way

24. Atone Phone

25. Tek Jansen cartoons

26. Formidable Opponent