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Well, here's something interesting. You know the Unification Church, Rev. Sun Myung Moon's devoted church/money laundering cult (depending on which side you're on)? Well, as it turns out, Atlantic Video — the studio that houses "Cold Pizza," as well as other ESPN Original Entertainment programs — is actually one of the many fronts for the Unification Church. The Moonies — if you can call them that — own Atlantic Video, which won the rights to broadcast "Cold Pizza" by coming in with the lowest bid. The Unification folks aren't exactly happy with the deal; they just canned president Todd Mason.

The Unification Church, if you're behind on your fringe religions, believes Jesus appeared to Rev. Moon at Easter in 1936, asking him to help with work left unfinished after his crucifixion. He also once said that the Holocaust was "punishment for killing Jesus." (He later backed off that statement, which, was, you know, nice.) And he is, essentially, the guy who collects the cash from commercials on "Cold Pizza."


His views on Woody Paige are unknown.

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