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On his radio show today, butt-faced shitbag Colin Cowherd dropped the dog whistle for once while yakking his way through a segment in which he seeded all of the states in order of how much he likes them. Cowherd really, really likes Oregon. Can you guess why? (It's partly because there are a lot of white people in Oregon.)


When Oregon came up, one of Cowherd's producers suggested that Oregon was a 14-seed. An exasperated Cowherd was displeased, and his producer asked him to explain what's so great about Oregon. Cowherd responded:

How about wonderful people, mostly white, that drink lots of beer and wine. Don't screw with Oregon


Great people. NBA team. Seahawks up the road. Unbelievable wine. The coast. Oregon's like a four-seed—Oregon's really nice.


h/t Matt


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