Colin Kaepernick Is A Psychic: Your NFL Late Games Viewing Guide

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Before we get Giants-Packers tonight, we have three more on the undercard, including the second step in the Colin Kaepernick era.

Baltimore at San Diego (CBS): Ed Reed appealed his suspension for repeated helmet to helmet hits and was lucky enough to prevail. He will play, but will be short $50,000. Here's your athletes are robots with their words of the week, courtesy of Philip Rivers:

"We can't worry about that. We just have to go try and win a game," Rivers said. "We have to hang our hat on controlling what we can control."


St. Louis at Arizona (FOX): Following Arizona's game against the Falcons last week, the Cardinals ceased to exist. Very strange, indeed.

San Francisco at New Orleans (FOX): Colin Kaepernick is your San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback. Jim Harbaugh can finally stop blowing Alex Smith-flavored smoke up our turkey gobblers and get back to the business of coaching football like a lunatic. And it's no wonder Kaepernick is finding quick success, he can see the future:

Colin Kaepernick was in fourth grade at Dutcher Elementary School when a teacher assigned him to write a letter to his future self.
Though just 5-foot-2 and 91 pounds at the time, the kid saw big things ahead. Little Colin wrote: "I hope I go to a good college in football, then go to the pros and play on the Niners or the Packers, even if they aren't good in seven years."


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