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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

College Baseball Names, Ranked

Photo Credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty
Photo Credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty

Michael Lananna does an excellent job of covering college baseball for Baseball America. He did a particularly excellent job of selecting the game’s best names in a beautiful act of public service today:


And now here they are, ranked:

  1. Brock Deatherage
  2. Vitaly Jangols
  3. Handsome Monica
  4. Gunnar Troutwine
  5. Kona Quiggle
  6. Steele Walker
  7. Maverik Buffo
  8. Webb Bobo
  9. Naithen Dewsnap
  10. Blaze Hastings
  11. Blaze Bohall
  12. Jeb Bargfeldt
  13. Mojo Hagge
  14. Layne Looney
  15. Cre Finfrock
  16. Bear Bellomy
  17. Janson Junk
  18. Colton Hathcock
  19. Maddux Conger
  20. Cade Cabbiness
  21. Duke Stunkel, Jr.
  22. Nick Daddio
  23. Jax Biggers
  24. Utah Jones
  25. Isaac O’Bear
  26. Travis Swaggerty
  27. Aquib Ramkishun
  28. Jackson Parthasarathy
  29. Sam Donko
  30. Nathan Bonck
  31. Lars Nootbaar
  32. Travis Wacker
  33. Hazahel Quijada
  34. Austin Bizzle
  35. Fernando Fernandez
  36. Tarik Skubal
  37. Preston Grand Pre
  38. Radd Thomas
  39. Trevor Tinder
  40. Al Pesto
  41. Jesse Uttendorfer
  42. Spencer Brickhouse
  43. Alex Thrower (would be ranked higher if a pitcher)
  44. Zach Pop (would be ranked higher if not a pitcher)
  45. Sean Hjele
  46. Seth Beer
  47. Dan Hammer
  48. Jake Burger
  49. Matthew Barefoot
  50. Matt Villalobos
  51. Bruce Steele
  52. Tom Brady

[Michael Lananna]

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