Everyone's favorite team will open the college basketball season tonight, and by "tonight" I mean 4:00 p.m. this afternoon and by "favorite team" I mean "Georgia Southern," who will tip off against Houston in the first round of the Coaches vs. Cancer tournament that formally begins the NCAA year. To be immediately followed by the nation's second-favorite critical and commercial darlings, the ... let's see ... yep, it's the Duke Blue Devils. Currently ranked No. 8 in the country (because why the hell not?) the Coach K Krew is hosting the "Durham Regional" of this tournament that used to be just two unrelated games and not a 16-team bracket. I remember that because I am old—so old that I also remember when there was no 3-point line in college basketball and when the addition of that line changed the game forever. It was a huge deal at the time that has since become a joke, as it feels like every team nowadays takes more threes than twos. Now after 22 seasons and countless Valparaiso rallies, the three-point line is being moved back one foot—to 20'9"—which will spread defenses, clog the middle, turn mediocre shooters into bad ones, turn decent shooters into legends, kill the mid-majors, keep underdogs in games, eliminate furious comebacks, and make the 6'10" forward who likes to step out and take the long J obsolete. Or make him the most valuable player on the floor. You never really know with these things. The best part, though, is that the women's line on those shared courts remains unchanged, which should lead to some hilarious Keystone Cop-like confusion. I can't wait for the first buzzer beater that isn't, because some hapless forward pulls up one foot too late and drains a very long two, when his team needed a three to tie. The Duke game will be televised on ESPNU, which is kind of a shame when you think about it. Doesn't college basketball deserve some sort of nationwide opening night spectacle, complete with cheerleaders, Dick Vitale and a performance by Third Eye Blind? If half the schools in the country can sell out a practice in the middle of the night, surely we can get a tip-off game in primetime, right? Moving One Foot Back Could Make the 3-Pointer a Long Shot [NY Times] A Little Preseason Bracketology… [Rush The Court] The New Season Is Here, One Last Preview Before Tip-Off [Storming The Floor] P.S. I'm too disorganized to put together a team-by-team preview, even of the Top 25, but if you have you own blog and have a written breakdown of your favorite Division I team, send me a link and I'll try to compile as many of them as I can into one roundup later this week.. Again, we're not putting them directly on Deadspin ... just send me links. Get your own blog; it's not that hard!