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College Football Message Board Owner Turns Out To Be Hateful Moron

Photo: Patrick Record/AP
Photo: Patrick Record/AP

Montana Grizzlies football fan Lisa Davey didn’t want the school to bring back Bobby Hauck as head coach. Hauck left for UNLV after the 2009 season, and his last few years with the Grizzlies featured a number of his players and recruits being arrested for various crimes, and his stonewalling of the school’s student newspaper.


So Davey started an online petition to protest Hauck’s return. (The school announced this morning that Hauck has been hired.) One particular Montana fan was so appalled by the existence of Davey’s petition that he posted her home address online and encouraged people to harass her.

Mike Schlosser is the owner of Montana sports forum, and goes by AlphaGriz1 when posting. He published some incredibly mean shit! From the Missoulian:

The posts, on the Griz fan forum, included a comment from AlphaGriz1 next to a photo of Lisa Davey that said, “Now seriously tell me this face hasn’t (performed a sex act) for food a few times in her life?’’

The post went on to disparage Davey’s “receding hairline’’ and “gigantic teeth,” adding: “Not to mention the ‘man’ in her life check that dude out what a loser.”

When he first references Davey and her petition, AlphaGriz1 — who MaroonBlood owner Mike Schlosser of Butte says is him — wrote, “This bitch would be the first to go down hard.”

Schlosser also posted Davey’s home address and encouraged people to go after her—again, because she believed that a college football coach’s character shouldn’t be overlooked because of his success:

On MaroonBlood, along with links to Davey’s social media profiles, Schlosser included the message: “Well if its cool to trash a guy that did none of the crimes shes so worried about then I guess its fair game to go after her personal life as well. These people need to be taught a lesson and HARD.”

Schlosser posted Davey’s address on the forum, adding, “She blocked me on Twitter after posting her address. Hey if she likes making Hauck uncomfortable then fair is fair.”

Davey contacted Montana athletic director Kent Haslam, who had an employee tell Schlosser to remove the thread and threatened to revoke Schlosser’s season tickets if he kept up the behavior. When the Missoulian spoke to Schlosser on Thursday, he said he didn’t actually like Hauck and just wanted the hire to rub it in the face of “people like Davey,” and also that he didn’t regret it:

“They’re just cowards and I hate it,” he said. “She’s not going to intimidate me and make me back down.”


Schlosser’s Twitter account is currently protected, and he’s really not hard to find on Facebook, but he is boasting about the local press coverage on the forum.