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Colonless Guy Scores 132 Points In Two Games

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It's probably a little bit unfair to refer to DeJuan Wagner as an anonymous colonless guy, but he has been fairly anonymous over the past couple of years. He was once the next big thing, a scoring machine in high school, and the 6th-overall pick in the NBA draft. His game never translated that well in the NBA, and, as it turns out, he never was in very good health.

His stomach problems go all the way back to high school, and became so bad when he was with the Cavaliers that he couldn't play anymore. He was diagnosed with colitis and underwent a major operation where doctors removed his colon, and, according to Wagner, "built him a new one."

I had wondered what happened to the guy. I just thought he wasn't very good. A talented scorer, certainly, but couldn't do much else at the NBA level, and sorta washed out of the league. And that may still be the case about his game, but at least now he'll get a fair shot at it with a healthy and functioning digestive system. His body is back in shape, he's stronger than ever, and he's lighting it up on the court, at least by Cherry Hill League standards. Isreali pro team Maccabi Tel Aviv is also said to be interested in Wagner's services.


Dajuan's comeback is all about intestinal fortitude []

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