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Colts Prepare For A Month Of Boredom

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With their 26-18 win in Jacksonville, and Tony Dungy's stated preference to not actively pursue the '72 Dolphins undefeated mark, Peyton Manning and Edgerrin James have about a month to do whatever they please.

Edgerrin's free to pursue his other interests, like having his hair freshly scraggled or getting his gold teeth polished. And Peyton can spend more time hanging out in grocery stores and cheering on the employees. Or, as you probably know, Kenny Chesney isn't on tour at the moment. It might be a nice time for a holiday getaway. O, they can go see Brokeback Mountain every day for a few weeks.


No matter what they chose to do, I think Tony Dungy is right to sit them down for a little bit in the closing weeks. The Super Bowl is the thing, and you don't get a lot of chances at it. If Manning or James were injured in what amounts to garbage time, it would be an incredible waste.

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