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Colts vs. Ravens, 1st Quarter

- I think I'm going to call CBS and just ask them to not show the game and give me 4 hours of Dan Marino and James Brown laughing about something Shannon Sharpe said. I can't get enough of that. We're still probably 15 minutes from kickoff. Get yourselves strapped in.

- Apparently, this Indianapolis franchise used to be in Baltimore. Hm. I wonder who the people in Baltimore are rooting for today.


- Watching Ray Lewis's dance makes me hope they find a cure for epilepsy. Please. Give all you can.

- It's Gumbel (the good one) and Dierdorf today. Says Gumbel: "It's a good thing it's the playoffs, because it's a playoff atmosphere in here today." It's also a good thing there's orange sherbet in my mouth, because I'm eating orange sherbet.

- Cal Ripken's here for the opening kickoff. He's an inspiration, if you aspire to just keep showing up, and showing up, and showing up...

- The Colts hold the Ravens to three yards on their first two runs, and then get the three-and-out. That run defense... man, this is getting weird.


- The ensuing drive looks pretty good until it stalls down inside the 10. Here comes Adam Vinatieri for the three ... and the Colts lead, 3-0. It's early, but... this looks like last week.

- My goodness.... Todd Heap just fumbled at his own 30 for the Ravens. We'll have a long replay here to see what happened first, the ball came loose, or his elbow was down. Dierdorf thinks the ball was out, and without a closer look, I'm inclined to agree. But I think the important thing here is that CBS can take their third commercial break here in the last 10 minutes.


- Colts ball. God, it's like it's scripted for the Colts here today. It appears to be God's will that they triumph here today. It also appears to be the will of Samari "Big Cushion" Rolle.

- Vinatieri again for the field goal, this one much longer. From 42, the kick is up, and it is good. 6-0 Colts.


- Jamal Lewis is still not finding much room on the ground... again, the Colts defense forces a punt. They're stuffing the middle of the line, and McNair isn't finding anything deep. Either that, or the Colts defense has turned into the damn '86 Bears.

- That sure looked like enough contact to warrant pass interference to me. I appreciate the explanation, though, ref. Indy gives up a quick three-and-out, and the Ravens will have great field position here, at the Colts 42.


- The quarter's going to end here before the Ravens get off their field goal attempt. Pretty good road 1st quarter for the Colts. It's a good thing it's a playoff game today.

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