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Colts vs. Ravens, 2nd Quarter

- Stover from 41, to cut the lead in half... and he just squeezes it inside the upright. And Gumbel's right, ever since Tony Romo did what he did, I do always pay more attention to the snap and hold. And here's another commercial, which is fine, because at this rate, I'm assuming that they're not going to show any in the 2nd half.

- That's Steve McNair's mugshot from a 2003 DUI arrest, by the way. It's not bad, as far as drunken mugshots go.


- And now it's Peyton Manning's turn to get intercepted. That had the feel of a pretty big momentum shifter. Dierdorf describes Ed Reed as a "human ball magnet." I don't think Ed Reed's going to get that printed on a t-shirt or anything.

- Jamal Lewis is finding some room now... he gets 9 on one carry, and then about 20 on the next. They're going outside to him now, instead of pounding the middle.


- And another interception... this one by Steve McNair at the goal line, intended for Todd Heap. It feels like I'm watching Tampa Bay against Minnesota here.

- The good news for the Ravens is that the interception leaves the Colts at their own 1-yard line. They should get pretty good field position, because I don't think anyone's going to get another first down in this game.


- I stand corrected. 1st down Colts, after tackle Ryan Diem convinces the ref that he jumped out of his stance on a "reflex," which just happened to come about a full second after a normal guy's reflex would kick in.

- Manning again pegs a Ravens DB in the chest, but this one bounced off of Chris McAllister. What is with Manning? He can't even blame this one on some kind of Ty Law jinx.


- Bart Scott is down after nearly sacking Peyton Manning ... and that's bad news for the Ravens. He's walking off on his own power, but I'm not sure he knows where he is.

- 4th and 5, and the Colts are stopped ... but still, a tremendous job by the Colts offense there, starting that drive from their own 1. Vinatieri on for a 51-yarder... off the crossbar, and it bounces through. Wow. "By the hair of his chinny-chin-chin," says Dierdorf. He's so grandfatherly. Dierdorf, not Vinatieri. 9-3 Colts.


- McNair tries to complete a pass by banking it off the palms of Colts safety Bob Sanders. It doesn't work.

- Wow. Manning does a great job of stepping away from pressure, then finds Aaron Morehead deep along the sidelines... sadly, out of bounds. Dierdorf is praising Morehead for the grab, and sure, he displayed some soft hands there, but... when you miss a guy that wide open, it's a very poor throw. Very poor. Seven points, wasted.


- The Ravens are content to be going into the half 9-3. Smothering defense and struggling quarterbacks is the theme for the first half here. Back after halftime.

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