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Colts vs. Ravens, 3rd Quarter

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- We are back underway... the statistics by these two teams in the first half are remarkably similar. The different is six Colt points off two turnovers. I hope the second features one or more of those "touchdown" things.


- Ugh. Close-up of Ray Lewis's tongue.

- It's a Joseph Addai checkdown festival here to start things. It's been effective, though. They're moving the ball. And Manning deep over the middle to Dallas Clark, it's complete, and Dallas Clark got pounded. It's gotten to the point in this game that when a QB throws the ball deep, I'm just waiting for the interception. At last, a good downfield throw.


- Drive stalls, and Vinatieri is on again... guy's let must be getting tired. This is from 48, and this guy just doesn't miss. 12-3, Indy leads.

- Hey, new "man law" guys. Jim Kelley's one of them, and... well, I don't know who some of those other guys are. But Jim Kelley is sort of taking credit for Frank Reich's comeback there. Just dirty.

- The Ravens end up punting from midfield, 8:30 left to go in the quarter. And you'll have to excuse me for a few minutes. I'm going to go buy a Dodge truck, because I can't tell you how many times I've left a restaurant only to see a giant steel robot beating the hell out of my car, and I just can't have that anymore.

- And with a 25-yard run from Dominic Rhodes, and a Manning-to-Wayne completion, the Colts are back at midfield, scrubbing away the Ravens field position advantage.


- 3rd and 4 for Manning here, and he just blindly flings one over the middle... thankfully for him, Ray Lewis tips it away from Ed Reed. That was a sure interception, and possibly six the other way. The Colts punt and down it inside the Ravens 5.

- McNair goes deep, it's caught... and then it's fumbled. With a flag down, Bob Sanders is going to run it back to the Ravens 30. The end result, though, is a 5-yard illegal contact on Indy. Automatic first down for the Ravens.


- The Ravens are putting together a bit of a drive here... their first of the game, really. They're beyond midfield with a nice grab by Todd Heap.

- The quarter's going to end, the Ravens will have the ball, about 2nd and 14 at the Colts 36.

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