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Colts vs. Ravens, 4th Quarter

- 2nd and 25 now, after a holding penalty on Ogden. A short completion leaves then with 3rd and 18, and at least getting into field goal range would be huge here. Again, it's short to Mike Anderson.

- So here comes Matt Stover from 51 yards, the same distance from where Vinatieri bounced one off the crossbar. But Stover's got a much bigger leg, this shouldn't be a problem. And it's not. 12-6, and back to within one score.


- Third and long from their own 10 yard line... and the Colts again hurry to the line, trying to catch the Ravens off-guard. They've done this a handful of times today, and Dierdorf's right... every time they've done it, it's backfired. Manning heaves a long pass, and it's intercepted back at the Ravens 38... just as good as a punt. In fact, it's better, because Ed Reed was robbed by a premature whistle when he tried to lateral the ball back to a teammate.

- Steve McNair's starting to make some plays here... getting out of the pocket, making throws. It's complete to Mark Clayton at the Colts 40 yard line. Tense game.

- Yeah, never mind about that "McNair making plays" business. He just made a big one with a poor throw over the middle. He was looking for Demetrius Williams, but threw it behind him, and Williams couldn't get to it. Picked off. Big, big, play... if the Colts can manage not to screw up tremendously here, they should be in good shape. Of course, it's been a day of tremendous screw-ups.

- The Ravens have started to bring crazy heat on every play. On 3rd and 19, they drop everyone back, and the Colts will be punting. That's a three-and-out, under 9:00 to play.


- 3rd and 8 for the Ravens at their own 29... but the Colts get more pressure to McNair, and he can't make a play. They'll punt with 7:48 to play in the game. Two or three first downs for the Colts, and they're sitting pretty.

- And there's one of them. Up the middle to Dominic Rhodes, and they're at midfield. Peyton's already well into "milk the clock" mode. 5:37, 1st and 10.


- Big 3rd and 5 here, and Manning has to burn the Colts last timeout. 3:57 to go now.

- This is just awesome. I've got butterflies, and I really don't care who wins this game. Playoff football, friends.


- Oh my goodness... Manning to Dallas Clark, in front of phenomenal coverage. Pinpoint throw, deathly accurate. And the catch by Clark was a great one, sort of, if he let it bounce off his thigh on purpose. Either way, incredible clutch play from the Colts there.

- First down, Dominic Rhodes, right at the 2:00 warning... and that should just about end it. And if it doesn't, the Colts have Adam Vinatieri on the sidelines, and he'll almost certainly make any field goal attempt that comes up here.


- This is unbelievable... the Colts are going to win their second straight road playoff game, in a year where they weren't supposed to have any defense or running game. And Manning, by this standards, has been pretty bad for two games, and they're going to win them both. Go figure.

- One timeout left for Baltimore, the Colts with the balls at the 21. This last drive has been fantastic for the Colts. It couldn't possibly have been done better. After a five-yard gain by Rhodes, the Ravens burn their last timeout.


- 3rd and 6, and Manning puts himself on the turf in a heap. 12-6, if Vinatieri makes here, the Ravens will be down two scores, and getting the ball with less than 30 seconds to play. 35-yarder...

- Cash. We are done here.

- So, that Vinatieri signing appears to be money well-spent right now. He's five-for-five on the day, account for all of the Colts points.


- So we'll be back for the beginning of the Eagles/Colts game, which I hope can live up to the tension and drama of this one, but perhaps with additional bonus of the occasional touchdown.

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