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Illustration for article titled Column Calls For Return Of Racist Braves Mascot, Is Promptly Deleted

Bill Shanks’ column in the Macon Telegraph on why the Atlanta Braves should bring back their old mascot Chief Noc-A-Homa—a caricature of an Native American chief with a name that appears to be a baseball pun mashed together with what someone thought sounded like an “Indian name”—begins thusly:

We live in a politically correct world these days, with people sensitive about anything and everything.


You can probably guess where it goes from there. Here’s my favorite quote:

Twenty-five years ago when the Atlanta Braves became the team everyone loved, it was easy for Native Americans to complain about the things with the nickname that upset them. That’s a shame.

I would link out to it, but the URL instead redirects you to a column comparing the 2016 Braves to the 1988 Braves. The Telegraph appears to have pulled the column, which you can find below, in full.


The Telegraph’s sports editor claimed on Twitter that the piece was pulled because Shanks “had a better idea for a column.” This explanation, even if true, isn’t a good enough reason to pull the column. We’ve reached out to the Telegraph, and we’ll update this post when they respond.

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