The Washington Post's Sally Jenkins scored the last interview of Joe Paterno's life. In it, Paterno saidā€”among other thingsā€”that he "had never heard of rape and a man." Our Drew Magary said, after reading that interview, that Joe Paterno was full of shit. Jenkins avoided such condemnations.


Today? Not so much.

Joe Paterno was a liar, there's no doubt about that now. He was also a cover-up artist. If the Freeh Report is correct in its summary of the Penn State child molestation scandal, the public Paterno of the last few years was a work of fiction. In his place is a hubristic, indictable hypocrite.


If Paterno knew about '98, then he wasn't some aging granddad who was deceived, but a canny and unfeeling power broker who put protecting his reputation ahead of protecting children.

If he knew about '98, then he understood the import of graduate assistant Mike McQueary's distraught account in 2001 that he witnessed Sandusky assaulting a boy in the Penn State showers.

If he knew about '98, then he also perjured himself before a grand jury.

For those of you playing along at home, Joe Paterno spent the last interview of his life lying to a journalist to protect his legacy. He was, make no mistake, supremely full of shit.


Joe Paterno, at the end, showed more interest in his legacy than Sandusky's victims [Washington Post]

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