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Comcast Lowers Itself To Impersonating You

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Our frustrations with the Big Ten Network have been well-documented, but it doesn't really matter, because whenever corporations argue with each other, the only certainty is that we'll all lose. But it doesn't stop their fighting. And now they're using some unconventional methods.


As reported by The Fanhouse, Comcast — which doesn't want to offer the Big Ten Network as part of its basic package — has hired a Web advocacy company to impersonate fans on message boards blasting the Big Ten Network. From a Michigan State board:

I'm a big fan of State sports so I went to the Big 10 Network's kick-off party in East Lansing last week. Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delaney was there telling everybody how great this new TV package is going to be for college football and b-ball fans. WHAT A CROCK! Delaney is like the emperor who wore no clothes...the BTC has already sold its best games to ABC and ESPN. How delusional is Delaney and these other Big 10 greedmongers who want to charge us for the games we'd be able to see on our local cable station? If you want to learn more about the Big 10's big time rip off, I found a web site that explains a lot... VICTORY FOR MSU!!!


It's bad enough that companies are fighting over money to the point that they're not letting us watch games we want to watch. Now they're posing as fans to attempt some sort of idiotic viral marketing scheme. We repeat: The people who run our sports think we're all idiots. And we have no choice but to take it. First person to figure out how to pirate the Big Ten Network and put it for free on the Web wins a cookie. Screw 'em all.

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