Bowling leagues' popularity hit its zenith sometime in Ronald Reagan's first term, but they appear to be making a comeback among the elderly in competitive leagues played on Nintendo's Wii console.

That a video game system aimed at (and made by) children has become adopted by retirees is strange enough; but watch the video above, from Tampa cable net Bay News 9, and you'll see Wii bowling leagues are SRS BSNS. Teams have uniforms and everything! (Like, actual bowling shirts, not identically-garbed Miis.)

You'll also learn that senior citizens give fuck-all about using the Wii wrist strap, which maybe explains why they're playing the game in the wrong aspect ratio through a projector aimed at some vertical blinds. We find nothing wrong with this, and admit some of our parents have Wiis themselves. It's just strange, and yet compelling. Mr. 300 has some competition. [BN9]