Every team that clinches a spot in the postseason will earn their own post this week, so we gleefully honor the Cleveland Indians, who happen to be the official 2007 postseason team of Deadspin. Yeah: That's an honor, really.

Yep, the Indians had the good sense to clinch their title on the last home game of the regular season, but they've still got plenty to play for: Home field advantage in the AL (and therefore the World Series; thanks La Russa) is still quite up in the proverbial air.

It's the first postseason for the Indians since 2001, when Philly's own Charlie Manuel was the manager. They lost in five games to that great Mariners team. For the best breakdown of how the Indians got to this point, Let's Go Tribe! has an outstanding roster breakdown.

Here's hoping the Indians don't fall prey to this year's Ohio curse: The runners up keep coming from Ohio, from both major college teams, to the Cavaliers. Would Indians fans be happy with just a division title? Is the season a failure if this is all they get? No time to worry about that now: There's bubbly everywhere!