Congratulations, Houston, on becoming America’s mightiest bastion of stupid sports deals

Congratulations Houston, on being the town that makes the worst sports deals in America.
Congratulations Houston, on being the town that makes the worst sports deals in America.
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Houston deserves this crown.

The trades are becoming so bad that it’s now time to dub Houston the capital city of shitty business dealings in professional sports. Definitely in the year 2020.


It’s a nightmare.

From James Harden turning down a Houston Rockets extension of two years, $103 million, to Russell Westbrook wanting out of Houston, this month has been an indictment of just how bad things are.

Players are fleeing from the city, much like earlier this year, when first-team All-Pro receiver DeAndre Hopkins was ready to leave Houston.

The Hopkins trade seems like an eternity ago, but that was in March.

And you’d think the Rockets would learn from their sibling franchise. Nope.

We all know how atrocious the Hopkins trade was before he even suited up for the Arizona Cardinals. And there is an argument that things are far worse than I could have imagined.

The Texans are 2-7 this year. Far from the 10-6 record they posted last season.

Yes, DeShaun Watson is still under center. And Yes, JJ Watt continues to swat down everything in sight, but this season has revealed the depths of the team’s personnel holes on both sides of the ball.


One or two players can’t mask that.

But you know what? Last year, Hopkins made a damn good effort.

Both the Texans and Rockets have their front offices in ruins. The Hopkins trade was the most lopsided deal the team has ever made.


A lousy running back and a second and fourth-round pick for the best player on your roster. That’s it?

If the Rockets go down that road, which it seems Harden is forcing them to — and I don’t blame him — then they better be sure they get an entire bag of assets thrown back to their franchise.


Poor front office moves. The “problematic” culture. And how quickly things fell apart with Daryl Morey stepping down and Mike D’Antoni peacing out.

It was a matter of time before these players were done, and we got the full story of what was going on.


Harden and Westbrook’s first choice for head coach was not Stephen Silas. Before Morey left, he, along with Harden, wanted Ty Lue or John Lucas. Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta favored Jeff Van Gundy, someone Harden and Westbrook strongly opposed.

I mean, who would want to stay in this mess?

Harden has three years remaining on his current deal. And he is the reigning three-time NBA scoring champion. And he has a league MVP under his belt. His desire to go to Brooklyn follows the natural trajectory of craving an NBA title.


Why not join forces for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving?

Not even two years ago, the world was talking about Super Bowl and NBA championship chances for Houston, and now both teams could be at the bottom.


Without first-round picks.

Because this is Houston. The capital of shitty business dealings. And it continues to make its bed.