Congratulations, Suzy Kolber Kissers

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The voting has concluded at the 2006 Weblog Awards, and your winner is will be... Kissing Suzy Kolber, a site that's been mentioned here on Deadspin once or twice. The results haven't been made final or official, and they won't be until Monday. I guess they want some extra time to check for ballot-stuffing or cheating of some kind, which, let's be honest... KSK is a lot of things, but "above cheating" is probably not one of them.

They're already in full celebration mode over there, and I'd imagine that most or all of the KSK contributors will be passed out drunk by 4 pm, awake by 7 pm, and then passed out drunk again sometime after midnight. And they fully deserve it. They were very complimentary and appreciative of Deadspin and Will Leitch in their victory post, but every single vote they got, they earned by being awesome at what they do.


I do hope they refrain from posting pictures of themselves wearing their championship rings, though.

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