Congratulations To The Bulls For This Truly Awful First Quarter

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The Bulls managed to encapsulate their messy season rather beautifully in just 12 minutes of play today. Some illustrative figures on their first quarter against the Celtics, during which they scored just nine points:

  • They used more players (10) than they scored points (nine), per K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune.
  • They didn’t make their first field goal until nearly halfway through the quarter.
  • This is what their shot chart looked like before that point...

...and it only got slightly less embarrassing by the end of the quarter, with 3-of-26 shooting including a 1-of-5 mark from beyond the arc:

  • Really, why use numbers or shot charts at all when Robin Lopez’s half-hearted defense here is perfectly indicative of the team’s overall output?

The Bulls were slightly more respectable during the second quarter but are still down by 20 points at halftime.