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Hey, here's something: Congress is looking into whether or not Orioles mustache rider Rafael Palmeiro lied to them back in March. To remind you how that went:

Palmeiro: I never used steroids.
Congress: Promise?
Palmeiro: Totally.

As you know, just a few months later, Palmeiro tested positive for steroids and now Congress is feeling all betrayed. Typical of Congress' "inquiries," they're just shooting at anything that moves, even interviewing Rockies outfielder Jorge Piedra, who tested positive for steroids earlier this year. Piedra, who is 26 years old and has never played on the same team as Palmeiro, told investigators that he didn't know Palmeiro and they didn't really hang out. The fact that they asked cracked us up; we imagine Congress thinking that all one-time steroid users hung out in a little club, like the Elks, and wore funny hats and said chants and paid dues and injected each other's butt cheeks and sold Tootsie Rolls on the street and drove those little cars during parades.


Congress Interviewing Players Who Know Palmeiro [Washington Post]

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