Mel Kiper Jr. might be more interested in his 40-time or his bench press repetitions, but I have a hunch that Deadspin readers may be more interested in this statistic about Ohio State tackle Alex Boone: He used to drink 30 to 40 beers a day.

Now, if this was the case for a player on my favorite school, I'd be describing this as "awesome." But since it's Ohio State, I'm a little more likely to go with adjectives like "alarming" and "sad." If you drink a case of beer in a day, you're doing some serious drinking. But to push that number up to 40, and do it day after day... that's staggering. Exactly how many times a day did this guy piss?


The good news (or bad news, I suppose, if you're a beer distributor in Columbus) is that Boone has stopped drinking. He quit cold turkey, in fact. Thanks to his friend and teammate Todd Denlinger, Boone now prefers Bible discussions, mini-golf, and taking walks with Denlinger to drinking himself silly every day of his life.

Jim Tressel's a busy guy these days.

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