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Illustration for article titled Cops: Former Cards Player Attacked, Called Racial Slurs In St. Louis

A St. Louis area resident is under arrest after allegedly punching Curt Ford while yelling racial slurs and ordering the African-American former Cardinals outfielder to "go back to Ferguson."


Police say 37-year-old James Street, who is white, attacked Ford at a gas station outside of St. Louis:

When Ford exited his vehicle, Street got out of his car and began shouting racial slurs. Street then entered the store, and Ford tried to avoid a confrontation, police said. Ford then walked toward the front of the store to pay for his gas. Street was exiting the store when he approached Ford, and unprovoked, punched him in the face, and drove away, according to police.

Prosecutors charged Street with one count of assault motivated by discrimination in the third degree, a class D felony. His criminal history includes guilty pleas for possession of marijuana and assault.

A police source said the man told Ford to, "Go back to Ferguson you (racial slur)."


Ford told the Post-Dispatch he is now considering moving away from St. Louis.

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