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Cops Still Baffled By Isiah Thomas' Tomfoolery

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We'll probably never know what really happened last Friday night at Isiah Thomas' spacious pad in Purchase, New York, but the one thing that is being made perfectly clear: he's the one who overdosed on sleeping pills, not his daughter, and police chief, David Hall, is doing everything possible to make that fact known. Besides naming Isiah outright, of course. But in a recent interview, Hall didn't exactly conceal the identity of the 47-year-old man found passed out on the kitchen floor on early Friday morning.

"The only thing I can say is maybe he has some stipulation in his contract," Hall said of Thomas' rationale for telling a New York Post reporter on Friday afternoon that the incident involved his 17-year-old daughter and not him. "If he takes drugs or whatever they may not owe him the $18 million. I have no idea."

Police have also said they don't thin kit was a suicide attempt because there was no note and no history of depression from the 47-year-old individual not name Isiah Thomas who accidentally overdosed on what was previously reported as sleeping pills. And Thomas' buddy and former teammate, Mark Aquirre, said this as well:

"We grew up on the West Side of Chicago," Aguirre said. "Ain't no more down than that . . . You'd never get me to believe that, not the way we fought all our lives just to survive."


So suicide isn't in the equation for people who grew up hard on the West Side of Chicago. But popping sleeping pills and selling out your daughter — totally street! Even Isiah's friends getting silent treatment [Newsday] Police offer sequence of events in Isiah emergency [Newsday]

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