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Cordarrelle Patterson On Jon Gruden, Trash Talk, And Surviving The Bleak Minnesota Winter

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson recently swung through New York City. While he was in town, Deadspin sat him in front of a camera to ask him a bunch of stuff.

Patterson is a kickoff returner, and he’s not too keen on the 2016 rule change that allows touchbacks to be spotted at the 25-yard line—an ostensible safety measure that has made it more difficult for him to do his job. Patterson is also not a fan of the Raiders’ ancient stadium, and he can’t understand why next week’s Super Bowl will be played in frigid Minneapolis, where Patterson had spent four seasons as a member of the Vikings.

The best trash-talking cornerback in the league? Patterson was quick with an answer. And I tried like hell to get Patterson to do an impression of Jon Gruden, who had just been hired as the Raiders’ head coach not long before we spoke. You know, because there’s no better way to make a great impression with a new boss than by imitating him on the internet.


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Dom Cosentino is a staff writer at Deadspin.

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