Oakland Raiders wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson recently swung through New York City. While he was in town, Deadspin sat him in front of a camera to ask him a bunch of stuff.

Patterson is a kickoff returner, and heā€™s not too keen on the 2016 rule change that allows touchbacks to be spotted at the 25-yard lineā€”an ostensible safety measure that has made it more difficult for him to do his job. Patterson is also not a fan of the Raidersā€™ ancient stadium, and he canā€™t understand why next weekā€™s Super Bowl will be played in frigid Minneapolis, where Patterson had spent four seasons as a member of the Vikings.

The best trash-talking cornerback in the league? Patterson was quick with an answer. And I tried like hell to get Patterson to do an impression of Jon Gruden, who had just been hired as the Raidersā€™ head coach not long before we spoke. You know, because thereā€™s no better way to make a great impression with a new boss than by imitating him on the internet.

Creative producer: Jorge Corona