Could Mark Cuban Be Taking Over Wrigley?

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We're not sure whether Cubs fans should be happy or sad about this — we tend to think that it couldn't hurt! — but Radar Online reports (and they would know) that Mavericks madman Mark Cuban is deadly serious about attempting to buy the on-the-block franchise.

Billionaire blogger Mark Cuban is more serious about buying a major league baseball team than he's been letting on. The tech entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner is set to offer $625 million to buy the Chicago Cubs from Tribune Co., according to a source familiar with the matter. "Mark is desperate to buy the Cubs," says the source. "He wants this so bad."

Tribune, which has owned the Cubs since 1981, has been exploring a sale in recent months. The company has a buyout offer on the table from Chicago real estate billionaire Sam Zell, but is reportedly leaning toward restructuring on its own. Asked about the Cuban offer, a Tribune spokesman said, "We do not confirm, deny, or comment on speculation regarding our business or any of our business units."

We don't deny that Cuban owning the Cubs would certainly blast some fresh (if rather hot) air through Wrigley Field (as if Soriano wasn't gonna have enough trouble in center), but we can't imagine this would ever actually happen. We can understand Cuban's excitement, however; combining Mark Cuban and the Chicago Cubs ... well, that's enough to blow our minds right there. We'd be actively disappointed if he didn't pull a Mikulik, pretty much every home game.


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