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The Courant has obtained court documents from the Aaron Hernandez murder investigation that point to possible involvement by Hernandez's fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, in the disposing of evidence.

According to the Courant, the court documents say that Jenkins made "overt attempts to hide evidence" and tried to "hinder and mislead" investigators. Investigators' interest in Jenkins centers around surveillance footage that captured her leaving Hernandez's house with a trash bag that contained a box-like "rigid object" on June 18, the day after Odin Lloyd's body was found. Surveillance footage shows Jenkins putting the object into the trunk of her car, driving away from the house, returning 35 minutes later, and opening the trunk to reveal that the trash bag was gone. Carlos Ortiz, one of the suspects charged in connection with Lloyd's murder, told police that Hernandez stashed two guns in a lock box in his basement shortly after the shooting.


The court documents also mention a conversation that was had between Jenkins's sister, Shaneah, and her uncle Azia Jenkins. Shaneah Jenkins apparently told investigators that Azia told her that Shayanna was called to Hernandez's house on June 18 to take weapons out of the home, and that the weapons were later disposed of "in the woods."

Investigators are also interested in cryptic text messages mentioning a box in the basement that were sent between Hernandez and Jenkins about an hour before she left the house with the trash bag. A storage unit rented in Jenkins's name was searched by police on June 26, but nothing was seized.


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