Court-Storming Leads To Fight In Aftermath Of UVU-NMSU Thriller

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Utah Valley stayed atop the WAC with a 66-61 overtime win tonight against New Mexico State, but it's what happened after the game that's the real news as NMSU's K.C. Ross-Miller chucked the basketball at UVU's Holton Hunsaker amidst an attempted court-storming.

The act of fans rushing the court after a win has been heavily debated of late, and the worst case scenario certainly played out in Orem tonight with players fighting fans and each other in the bedlam fueled by students streaming onto the court. Ross-Miller deserves blame for provoking this, of course, but his act of frustration only incited the students on the court to trade haymakers with NMSU players.


I wouldn't want to be on the other end of the punch that happens on the right side of this GIF.