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As was mentioned briefly here yesterday, The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Terrell Owens has reached an agreement in principle with the Dallas Cowboys. A formal announcement is expected within a few days.

I think the best word to describe this is "frightening." Terrell Owens added to the Cowboys offense, which already has a solid running game, drawing double teams and opening things up for Terry Glenn: frightening. Terrell Owens trying to co-exist with strict disciplinarian head coach Bill Parcells and quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who peaked about ten years ago: frightening.

It feels to me like a head coach who's nearing retirement wants to take one last desperate stab at a Super Bowl, and if he's got to compromise his standards of conduct a little bit, then so be it. And he probably didn't have to spend a lot of time talking owner Jerry Jones into it.

(And we will now resume our near-constant coverage of this little basketball tournament you may have heard of...)