Cowboys Receiver Terrance Williams Arrested After Crashing Lamborghini

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Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams was reportedly arrested Saturday morning and charged with public intoxication following a crash involving his Lamborghini, according to ESPN:

The police found Williams’ 2017 blue Lamborghini abandoned after hitting a light pole in the area of Frisco Green Avenue and Lebanon Road, not far from the Cowboys’ practice facility, at 4:45 a.m. CT. After determining the vehicle was registered to Williams, the receiver was found near his home riding an electric bicycle and was arrested.

Presumably Williams has not been charged with driving under the influence because he left the scene of the accident before police could establish that he’d been the one driving the supercar? Police are reportedly “continuing to investigate Williams for fleeing the scene of an accident.” Meanwhile, Williams was reportedly released from the Frisco Detention Center on a small bond.

I’m not sure what’s more troubling—a person being Crash Lamborghini, Drive Away In Motorized Scooter rich, or Crash Lamborghini, Drive Away In Motorized Scooter drunk. Either way, an arrest for public intoxication likely puts Williams in the crosshairs for a Personal Conduct Policy suspension.