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Yesterday, Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead alerted the world to the fact that his adorable dog, Blitz, had been stolen from his home and was being held for ransom. Blitz was safely returned last night, but not before falling into the hands of a local rapper named Boogotti Kasino, who vehemently denies having stolen Blitz.

According to Whitehead, Blitz was stolen from his home last Sunday while he was out of town. The dog was being watched by a “close friend” of Whitehead’s when someone allegedly broke into the house and stole Blitz. Whitehead says he was then contacted by phone by someone who had the dog and was demanding ransom money.


Last night, a video of Boogotti Kasino posing with Blitz and demanding $20,000 from Whitehead in exchange for the dog began circulating on Twitter. In the video, Boogotti claimed that he did not steal Blitz, but paid someone else $20,000 for him and simply wanted to be reimbursed.

Let’s pause here to see how Blitz was holding up at this point:

Tfw you are being held hostage by Boogotti Kasino

Poor Blitz.

Boogotti continued posting videos about the ordeal on his Instagram page, reiterating that he did not steal Blitz. The real perpetrator, he claimed, was Whitehead’s “ex-bitch.”


Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed, and Boogotti returned Blitz to his rightful owner without demanding payment.


Here’s hoping Blitz gets an extra helping of kibble today.

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