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Cowboys Would Like All Those Press Meanies To Cut Them Some Slack

After losing to the Redskins and almost blowing a 17-point lead against the Bengals, Cowboys fans are understandably nervous and the press is beginning to bore in with uncomfortable questions. But the Cowboys would like you to know that this is very upsetting to them. It's a role that Jerry Jones' team wears like an ill-fitting suit: that of victims. So get out your handkerchiefs and your very, very tiny violins, and get ready for the whining.

“I guess everybody expects us to be some kind of superheroes,” linebacker Bradie James said. “I come in here on Monday and I’m trying to enjoy my win and people are, like, beating us up. So it’s really tough, man. With us having so many expectations, the only people we can make happy is in this locker room, and that’s really it.”


Meanwhile, coach Wade Phillips says that any criticism is really unfair, because the Cowboys have the best walkthrough routine in the NFL. Seriously, he said that.

"We have the best walkthrough team I've ever been around in that they pay attention to everything," he boasted. "There's complete focus on that. Nobody even talks. They go out for 30 minutes every day that you don't see them and they go through the plays and the defenses and the things that are going on they concentrate on those things. And that's part of teaching and learning and that's part of our philosophy on how to get things done."

Which prompted the Dallas Morning News to ask: "Where should the Cowboys put the walkthrough championship trophy?" Cowboys Complain Pundits Are 'Beating Us Up' [NBCSports]

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