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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Craig Smith Did A Thing That I Have No Idea How He Did

I say this without hyperbole: this might be the most improbable thing that’s ever happened in sports. With a wide open net two feet away in overtime, Nashville’s Craig Smith shot the puck—somehow got his stick in front of it—and blocked his own shot.

I seriously cannot believe this:


If the laws of physics hadn’t decided to leave early to beat traffic, it would’ve been the winner. Thank goodness nothing that happens in a February Preds-Habs game matters.

The universe has a sense of humor, though. Neither team could find the net in the shootout, until, yes, Craig Smith got his turn:

Predators win 2-1. Redemption. “It’s kind of funny now,” Smith said after the game, “but it wasn’t funny at the time.” Shut up, yes it was. It was amazing!

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