You might remember last year, when a talented artist combined Michael Vick and Barbaro, causing us to spontaneously combust. Well, that artist is back, this time honoring the "great" Eight Belles.

Right now, the bidding is at $400.

I HOPE THIS PAINTING DISGUSTS YOU AS MUCH AS YOU DISGUST ME. As for NBC, I'm not going to watch your network or any other network that airs horse racing. Once again, we have a painting about hypocrisy.Why is it legal for one activity involving animals, death and betting and another activity involving animals, death and betting illegal?

I really believe more than ever that it is about culture and class of people and not a damn thing to do with the animals safety and ethics. The Queen goes to horse races with all its pomp and tradition, old Willie down the street goes to the cockfight.


The last auction's proceeds went to charity. But not this time.

The money from this auction? Will I donate to another horse charity? No, not this time. I have an adopted parrot and a bunch of stray cats to feed. The fallen race horse industry is y'alls problem, you created it, you fix it. You people invaded my mental art making space and I make art, that's what I do, deal with it. No, I'm going to roll around in the money, just like you all do. I'm gonna roll and think of all you horse racing people that race your horses, gamble and send your kids to college on that money. Thousands, millions even, you make on those horses-I'm gonna roll in it. I hope that disgust you as much as you disgust me.

If the painting doesn't sell, well that's fine too. I'll hang it on my wall and when another horse goes, I'll paint another until there are no walls left or until there is a great wall to China made of Michael Vick Rides....whoever is next.......


You know ... that really would be a pretty cool wall to China.

Michael Vick Rides Eight Belles-Georgia Red Mud Raw Art [eBay]