In a match between two countries elsewhere in the world, these two men whose names would require some looking-up did something cricket-tastic, inspiring them to embrace one another in such exultant exuberance that we can only look on, awestruck. At first we wonder what could give rise to such obvious joy. Cricket, it must be. Some wicket sticking, or ball catch, right before the end of the over and the tea break during the test match before the Queen.

Perhaps, though, the cricketing is only the beginning. Perhaps the celebration itself becomes cause to celebrate, and the joy of the celebration brought on by cricket only serves to make cricket time all the happier.

You may not understand these cricketers. You may even jeer their uniforms, their slang, their interminable matches. And yet. You gotta wonder. If this is what being a cricketer looks like, it's hard to mount a case against it.

Photo credit of South Africa's Robin Peterson and Abraham Benjamin de Villiers: AP