Cricket Fan Makes Amazing One-Handed Sliding Catch, Wins $4,000

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On the surface level, this is simply a highlight of a great catch. Fan Andrew McCulloch was able to fall over and get his hand under the cricket ball after running barefoot, slipping and sliding all the while, down a slight slope. But it gets even better.

Over the weekend, the New Zealand Northern Knights were running a promotion, where any fan who could "catch a six on the full" would win $5,000 NZD (about $3,900 USD). After the match McCulloch said in an interview that he and his partner had just gotten back from six months living abroad, and the money was badly-needed to pay down credit card bills. And about that partner...

As it turns out, McCulloch's partner's brother is Michael Bracewell, the Otago Volts player who hit the six that McCulloch caught!


If only the promotion had involved wearing the right t-shirt, he might've won even more.


h/t r/cricket