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Cricket Fight!

What we have here is a scuffle that broke out during a cricket match between the Cleveland County Cricket Club and the Willow Cuts in Bermuda. Keep your eye on the player in blue, who approaches the Willow Cuts batsman from behind. His name is Jason Anderson, and he’s a real shit.

The guy with the bat is named George O’Brien, and he just seems confused as he deals with Anderson’s aborted half-tackle. Once Anderson takes that first cheap shot, though, it’s bat-swinging time! Fortunately, O’Brien fails to make contact with anyone, and all he gets in return is a kick to the head. He still came out on top, though, getting hit with a 50-match ban whereas Anderson was banned for life.


Anyway, I think we can all agree that the real MVP of this fight is the announcer, whose broadcasting style seems to be “Joe Buck on quaaludes.”

h/t James


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