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If you were going to rob a vendor at a Major League Baseball stadium, we're not necessarily sure we'd pick RFK in DC. Isn't it a lot easier to escape through a crowd? Certainly not a problem there.

Consider, therefore, the wacky hijinks of one fun loving criminal who tried to hold up a concessions worker.

As fans looked on, security guards alerted by the vendor chased the man down the ramps of the stadium. But the man managed to escape the building before apparently climbing a fence to get into Lot 5, the players' parking area, [police officer Diane] Groomes said.

Guards caught up with the man there, Groomes said, and he had what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound in one of his legs. The injury was not thought to be life-threatening. He was transported to a hospital.


First off: Way to go RFK Stadium security at keeping those guns out! And now: Commence all jokes about the robber's aim qualifying him for the Nationals bullpen.

Robbery Suspect Shot In The Leg [Washington Post]

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